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What is Password-Share.com?

Using Password-Share.com sharing secure data like passwords or other credentials is as easy as writing an e-mail. The service is especially convenient to use for credentials like wordpress user logins, hosting or social media credentials.

How can I share credentials correctly with friends or customers?

Using Password-Share.com you can easily create sections in which you can add fields. On the left side of a field you can add a description (e.g. “Username” or “Password”). On the right side you can add the specific value (e.g. “admin” or “PW123”). We recommend using meaningful tab titles like “Hosting” or “Facebook Login”.

After you’ve created and sent the sharing link, the receiver can easily decrypt the data. Afterwards the link will be invalid. Nevertheless, the receiver will have an option to create a new link for the exact same data in case he/she had no possibility of saving the data properly in the moment of decryption.

For creating safe passwords we recommend using passwort-generator.eu.

Why should I use Password-Share.com?

If you’ve already had the trouble of sharing credentials you will know the feeling of “Just write an e-mail and delete it afterwards”. But this can be a huge danger to you or your company. Customers might answer to the e-mail, continuing the conversation on a different topic. Your e-mail is then forward to a third party but still the e-mail contains the passwords at the very end of it. This safety hazard can easily be avoided using the one-time-sharing option of password-share.com.

How will my data be secured?

All passwords are saved in an encrypted way. Even in the unfortunate event of a third-party gaining access to our secured database the data cannot be decrypted without the generated link. Furthermore, after the data is being decrypted there is no way of accessing the data a second time as it will be destroyed irreversibly immediately. No unencrypted data will be going out of your computer at any time, despite the link you are sending to the designated receiver via e-mail or any other channel.